No metallic components
Weigth only 189g
Just 8 second to wear

Adjustable tensioning direction
Original Vibram patch
Wearable on skin and pants
Ergonomic taper

The CHANCE Model N°1
The one in a kind knee bar pad, different from any other in the market.
An ergonomic design developed to give you a unique climbing experience. It really feels like not wearing it!
Comfort is provided by an innovative wrapping system.
With zero metallic parts and being slim it will keep you protected remaining well fixed to the thigh without sacrificing sensitivity. Last, but not least, it weighs only 189 grams!


How to wear it
CHANCE climbing knee pad the easiest to wear in two simple steps!
Attach it to your thigh as shown in figure A, then cross the straps into each other, and tension them to your preferred direction as in figure B. Adjust your flexing comfort, attach it and you are ready to go.

About the product
Designed and produced entirely in Italy by CHANCE under patent.
The rubber patch is VIBRAM® high quality rubber. The main structure of the knee pad is a 3 materials sandwich made by CHANCE after years of testing on the rocks. This sandwich plays a key role. Being strong, elastic, durable and with a velcro fastening system it attaches solidly to the skin or trousers.